Just because the wedding days are over, this doesn’t mean that the fun is over too!

During our Walima, a lot of relatives and guests were asking me to visit their home. I was thinking they’re probably just being friendly so they’re inviting me. We never do this back in our country so I was clueless how legit these invites were. Turns out this is part of the tradition too.

Newlyweds are invited to their relatives’ homes after the wedding – I figured this usually lasts for a month hehehehe see what I’m talking about? But since Rizwan and I were only able to take 2 weeks off from work, we had to visit as much relatives as we can in Lahore within 2 days.

We went house to house with some sweets in hand to give to the families we were visiting. In Philippines it’s like equivalent to a pasalubong. We were fed in every home that we went to and it’s quite embarrassing to say no to their offers since they really prepare for your arrival. I’m telling you, Pakistanis love love looove their guests.

I had too much food, cold drinks, and sweets during the 2nd day so by the time we reached the last house – one of his phopho’s (aunt), my throat was already killing me and my fever has started. We were supposed to go to one of our neighbor’s wedding but due to my condition, I stayed at home.

It was all like a whirlwind and I guess I enjoyed getting to know everyone so much that I was not even able to take a single photo to share with you. 🙁

I was so worried that we wouldn’t be able to go to Islamabad with Rizwan’s khala (aunt), uncle and sister because of my fever but Alhamdullilah I felt better the next day. We spent another 2 days there.

On our first day in Islamabad we toured the Margalla Hills area, Lake View Park, and the Faisal Mosque. Afterwards, we all headed to Dada Abu’s (Grandfather) house to have dinner with all of the Chachus (uncle), Chachis (aunt), and cousins. We have fewer relatives here so on Day 2, my sister-& brother-in-law took us to see Murree. (I’ll be sharing our little Murree trip in a separate post)

While Lahore has a special place in my heart for all of the food spots, I was head over heels for Islamabad’s greenery and calming vibe. I swear it felt like I was back in Baguio. I feel bad that the photos I’ve captured does not even give justice to the beauty of this place.

We weren’t able to book tickets in advance because we weren’t sure if our trip will push through so we had to go to the railway station and get whatever’s available. So here’s us in the economy cabin with our masks on because before you reach the part with the crisp air, you have to get through all the dust first :p Don’t worry guys, it’s all worth it.

Margalla Hills is actually a part of the Himalayan foothills.

Sadly there was no electricity when we reached Faisal Mosque thus the dark photos.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my whole wedding series. I had a great time writing it all down and reminiscing. <3 Now on to the next adventures! Our quick Murree trip is coming right up!

P.S. What I also learned after all these is that, I need a really good camera. I can’t just upload crappy photos now, can I? 🙂

till the next post,