Hi friends! It’s Alvie here! If you haven’t guessed it already, yes, I am a Filipina married to an awesome Pakistani guy named Rizwan.

I never thought I’d be writing a blog about my wedding – anything about myself in fact! AAAAHHH! But here I am!
What urged me to do this then? This is me finally realizing, after 2 years, that I’ve never really told my friends nor anyone in my family what and how the wedding went. I was able to share a bit more photos to some of my family and friends though, plus the 3 posts on my Instagram account. (Click here to follow me)

This one goes for my close friends too, who were surprised to see my wedding photos back then. I take the blame for not being able to update you guys during those times. I’m truly sorry! Surely I owe you guys enough to tell you the story behind this, but that’s for another blog post.

If it weren’t for my Mom and Aunt, the whole gang in the Philippines wouldn’t get updates of the event. Thank goodness they were with me. <3 It was really so hard for me to keep up with the party vibes, no kidding!

See, weddings in the Philippines typically last 1 full day and it usually looks like this: everyone wakes up early, get their hair and make-up done, dress up for the whole entourage, do little photo shoots here and there, drive to Church, Bride & Groom exchange their vows, drive to the reception area where the guests will eat, dance, and celebrate. So that by the end of the day, we all go back to our own normal programming.

But weddings in Pakistan run for a minimum of 3 days. Yes! THREE DAYS full of delicious food, non-stop music & dancing, and don’t forget the overflowing number of guests/family (we had around 500 guests per day and I was told this is still a small number). Man, I’m telling you, these people know how to celebrate too! So here we go, let’s start the throwback to our Shadi (wedding day) last April 2016!

Note: We actually had a court wedding in Dubai but his family wanted me to experience their traditional wedding too. You’ll see that my brother-in-law is included in the photos cos it’s actually his wedding! 😉

Day 1 – Mehndi

This is probably my most favorite day out of the three!

First off, everyone entered the wedding hall with a guy playing the dholak(drums) and some guests even did bhangra (dance). I was like, “okay, okay, let’s get this party started!” You’ll also see in one of the photos below that our relatives put money on our heads which the dholak players collect.

Before, they hold this event for the application of henna but one of our neighbors already decorated my hands, arms, and feet with henna the night before – yes the party started the night before, everyone was dancing and Rizwan’s cousin and uncle played the dolki (smaller drums) while I was getting my henna done. So on this event, they just placed money on our palms. This is where the relatives can put on little bits of Mehndi/Henna or they can also choose to put oil on our hair.

I also observed everyone pulling out their money, circling it around our heads and piling it in front of us. My husband said this is done to protect us both from evil eye or nazar lagna as they call it. All of these money collected during the occasion will also be donated. Cool, right?

Lastly, everyone who comes on stage must feed us with ladoos (sweets)! Now you know why this is my favorite day, huh? Hahaha! Kidding aside, the day was special for me because his relatives came prepared with their dance moves. Mind you, they are typically shy people. But on that day they were all simply amazing! Cheers to my mom and aunt too for dancing on behalf of my Filipino fambam.

We finished the whole function at around 10 PM. You think we’re done for the day? Nope. All relatives greet you back at home for another round of singing and dancing. Told you! Party never stops!

To be continued…