Day 2 – Baraat

Day 2 is the official marriage ceremony. Since we had a court wedding here in the UAE on March, before we flew to Pakistan, this does not apply to us anymore. This day was primarily for Rizwan’s brother and the bride.

The groom, together with his relatives, will go to the bride’s home (in our case, a wedding hall) to get her. You can see the groom riding a horse while we came in a horse-drawn carriage.

The highlight of this day is the contract signing or Nikkah. Usually, the bride and groom only sees each other once the contract has been signed and the prayers have been offered.

The most memorable part of this day for me was the Rukhsati. This is when the bride says good-bye to her family and she is then escorted by her loved ones out of the hall while the Quran is held over her head. This moment is so emotional and you can really feel how treasured girls are in the family.

When we finally arrived home, we all gathered in the living room first. While we were seated, his younger brother suddenly held my knee! He wouldn’t let go and was demanding money! Hahaha! It was so fun seeing my husband bargain and I even tested if he’s going to accept a few rupees but since he wouldn’t, no worries, I came prepared too. 😉 I gave him a gift, a mobile phone, and he gave me a gold ring in return. Yup, more blings!

Our day ended with a photo shoot. Here, I was surprised when my husband showed me a gold necklace. He said it’s tradition to give the bride a gift when she shows her face for the first time to her new husband since it is hidden under a veil during the event. I know this does not apply to me since he has seen my face a million times but I am so happy his family let me experience this!

Here’s me putting kajal (eyeliner) on my brother-in-lawI got a ring in return My Aunt feeding Rizwan with more sweets

Bride & Groom <3Rukhsati

To be continued…