Day 3 – Walima

Here we are! Last but definitely not the least, Walima!

This is the grand reception thrown by the groom’s parents to let all relatives and friends know about the marriage. Walima is like a Hollywood party with all its glitz and glamour. Like, just take a look at the dress and all the jewelries I am wearing. It all probably weigh around 20 pounds. Hahaha! 

I felt like my ears would fall off anytime because of my earrings. But looking at my photos, I AIN’T COMPLAINING, GIRL! I totally love my full outfit, thanks to my sasu ma (mother-in-law) and aapi (sister)! I was honestly worried about the peach dress. I mean, you won’t see this color in my wardrobe so I never thought how I’d look like in it. Even my mom was surprised at how good the colors matched.

Question: Do we still give home appliances as gifts in weddings in Philippines? In Pakistan, they give cash and/or jewelries. I was thinking of getting a cool appliance for my new brother- & sis-in-law but then my husband told me they don’t do that but I can give jewelries instead (or you can give cash). How embarrassing would that be if I came there with a whole set of pinggan (plates) or a rice cooker? Hahahaha!

Bollywood feels! I love the make-up artist Rizwan’s Phopho (Aunt) chose for us.

Day 3 was for tons of photos and gifts. <3

Back when I was younger, I used to daydream about my wedding day and I remember telling myself that I’d be so hands-on with everything about it – themes, dress, venue, etc.. Fast forward to my actual wedding: I did not help plan anything (well probably except for the shoes I was wearing)! Can you imagine getting married without stressing over your to-do lists? Ladies, it felt awesome!

And even though I didn’t get to plan this, I loooooved everything about our  wedding and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband’s family are like legit wedding planners.

My only wish during all of these was to be able to fly all of my family and friends from Manila to Pakistan but the logistics was challenging. Oh well, maybe this means that I can have another celebration when we go there? 🙂 Even the distance, they still didn’t forget to let me know that they’re with me. Shout out to my friends and family who sent their greetings through a video. I cried buckets but thank you from the bottom of my heart! Special thank you to Bernardine Garcia for compiling all of the videos. I’m so blessed to have you all. <3

till the next post,